About me

Some words about this page and my intent

I always played with the idea of writting down things I deal with but never really convinced myself to really do so. Nevertheless, over time I passed by some stations in life and the topic of graphs stuck with me, eventually leading to start my PhD on Graph Representation Learning within medicine in February 2024.

Since I now have the chance to work on that topic that I was interested for the last couple of years I decided to take the chance and project my insights and knowledge not just onto papers but also onto a variety of other media, like this page. My goal is to basically contribute to making the topic of graphs accessible to everybody who is interested in and to fill the gaps on many facets the topic remains to have.

If you are interested in more details on me or want to reach out you can find furhter information on my LinkedIn page.


Master Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor Degrees in both Economics and Computer Science. Some teaching experience in both fields on courses such as internal and external accounting and informetrics. Also having had already gained some scientific experience on modelling interactions in multimodal networks using tensor embeddings.


Worked for some years as a consultant in terms of strategic and digital communication, then for almost 8 years first as a leading Software Engineer and as a mixture out of Architect and Subject Matter Expert on Automation of IT, like AIOps, using all sorts of statistics we call Machine Learning - even Graph ML - within large scale industrial settings.


Basically sharing what I'm going to know to make the field of graph, graph representation learning, applicability of graphs and so forth more attractive and answer the question of "what to do with graphs other then using them as a database?".